Five job positions that will help your company prepare for the future

Traditional workspaces will always have a place in the business world, but the job market has reflected some changes in the way that people work. New technologies and marketing methods have brought changes to even the most “old-school” workplaces.

Here are five job positions that will help your company prepare for the future:

Application and website software developer

“There’s an app for that!” seems to be a popular phrase in modern times. Whether your company is a small, independent local business or a booming corporation, most end users want the same result. In these uber-connected times, having a well-formatted application that can be accessed on tablets and mobile devices is more than a valuable commodity – it’s almost necessary.

At the very least, if an app is not part of your vision for your company, hire a top-notch website developer who can optimize your back-end systems and front-end content for mobile platforms – like it or not, more people surf the web on phones than on laptops these days.


A vague title like “analyst” may not give way too much about a job of the future, but analysts are an increasingly important part of the workplace. Why? Because there is so much more data to analyze and interpret. Big data allows us to gauge someone’s online footprint and buying tendencies, and it also allows analysts to develop theories about whole companies or corporations. Information security, cyber data, and computer systems analysts are all an important part of the growing job market of the future.

Market Researchers

Because of the round-the-clock news cycle and the opportunity to capitalize on all of the data that analysts have collected, market researcher is another job of the future that can help a company prepare for the highly connected world of modern business. By employing market researchers to get ahead on trends or even create them, a company has the opportunity to connect with the consumer directly-  something that can be difficult in today’s oversaturated marketplace of advertisements.


Jobs of the future are full of high-tech terms and emphasize global connectivity, but one job is on the rise and has been around for a while. Hiring a good accountant for your firm, who understands the value of spending some of your budget on new technologies, can help your company prepare for the transition into the future.

Continuing Education Consultants

With modern technology changing and subject to new developments at a faster pace than any other time in human history, it can be a wise decision for companies to allocate some resources to continuing education for employees. Full degrees, certification programs, or auditing relevant classes at a local college are a few ways to help your employees prepare for the future of work, thus helping your company. Employing this role to consult with local government to learn more about available resources for your employees can also help your company prepare for the future.

These are just 5 positions, there are plenty more. Do a little research, don’t be afraid of change.

-Eric Grundhoefer

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