Put Your Employees Before Your Clients

It can be easy to forget just what an important role your employees play in running a successful business. A strong team of employees creates the positive customer experience that keeps customers loyal to your company. And yes, it seems like the customer’s satisfaction is more important to consider, but your employees’ experience with the company is just as important. Your employees will be with the company much longer than any customer, and their attitudes reflect your brand strongly.

Employee satisfaction directly relates to customer experience and loyalty. If employees are happy, then customers are more likely to recommend you, and use your product or service again. Most customers that have poor company interactions complain that the customer service was their main problem. Your employee attitudes directly affect the bottom line. If they are happy to show up to work, the customer will be able to sense that and feel more confident and choosing your brand.

And, though you can’t admit it, the customer is not always right. Some people create poor interactions with brands, or are already geared towards causing arguments and issues. In these cases, when the customer is in the wrong and refuses to admit it, you must advocate for your employees. Choosing to let the customer run over your staff is not only detrimental to employee morale, but it will further your problematic relationship with a customer that may not be worth your time. You have to stick up for your employees so that they feel comfortable coming to you when problems arise.

Employees have more power than before. Competition for talent recruitment is high, and most of your employees could find another job elsewhere if your company does not meet their needs. Plus, employee referrals are the most common way people fill new positions. If your employees are happy, they will refer more talented individuals to open positions, which saves you money in recruitment. Creating a strong staff comradery also decreases turnover rates.

In general, your employee attitude, feelings of security and trust towards your brand can make or break your customer experience. Find ways to motivate your employees and instill trust in your leadership. When you facilitate a positive working environment, your customer experience will naturally improve.

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