Three digital services that you need (and how a college grad can provide them all in one hire)

No matter what your business may entail or what kind of services you provide, there is no avoiding the necessity for some kind of online presence. Companies these days have social media accounts, market analysts, researchers, SEO consultants, and programmers all working together to help bring knowledge of their brands or products to the consumer.

Your digital footprint does make a difference when it comes to successful marketing, whether your business is family-owned and operated or a larger conglomeration.

Keep reading to find out about three digital services that you need – and how a college grad can provide them all in one hire.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, and more, millennial and recent college graduates are near-experts, just by virtue of their experience with device beginning at a younger, more adaptable age than many employees currently in the workforce.

Social media marketers come up with campaigns for your business products or brands, based on the demographics of your target consumer. Social media marketers pay attention to the popular trends in the digital advertising space and try to create an imprint with unique posts, photos, videos, or images. College grads with degrees in advertising or marketing will be experts in this field!

Graphic Design

These days, it’s not enough to have the information that an infographic displays – you’ll also need an eye-catching way of displaying the information. College grads these days in any relevant field to design, communications or marketing should be able to create an interesting and informative display for your company’s graphics; not to mention making your website more visually appealing by using graphic design to clean up and modernize the layout.

SEO/Content Creation

These days, with so many businesses willing to optimize their digital marketing services and create user-friendly apps and websites, it is critical to have a good search engine ranking. That means that when people type a phrase related to your company into a search engine, they should see you business website near the top of the results list. Content creators write articles and lists, provide text for illustrations or photo, and/or develop video and audio, all to help your website have more relevant content to the topic at hand. SEO consultants, or search engine optimization specialists, use backend link-building and other tech-savvy tools to help search engine crawlers find your page and rank it as a legitimate resource for the topics you choose to focus on. Together, these two jobs can help your company yield much higher results from web traffic – and most college grads with degrees in the digital space will have at least a rudimentary idea of how to improve your business ranking online.

Food for thought.

-Eric Grundhoefer

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