Why Remote Employees Are The Best Employees

A new age of the workforce has taken many companies by surprise. Prospective employees are looking for a better work-life balance, flexibility, and are more interested in developing their careers independently rather than working for someone else. These workers, many millennials and tech-savvy business leaders, are looking for positions they can do remotely. But why hire someone remotely? There are several benefits to hiring remote workers that many employers don’t recognize at first:

It seems counterintuitive, but remote workers are more productive and focused than most in-office staff. Because they don’t have coworkers to socialize with and other calls and conversations to distract them, they are more likely to get their work done quickly and effectively. They can choose house which they feel are best for working (whether it’s 6 a.m. or 11 p.m.), which helps them get their work done more efficiently.

Remote workers are also happier to work for you because they have some independence and control over their schedules and work-life flow. If someone likes to be at home most of the time, they will appreciate not having to dress up and go to the office every day. But people who enjoy socializing may choose to do their work in a cafe, or want to work as a remote salesperson, fitting their work meetings in with other activities. Remote employees are able to choose their work environment, maybe even the beach, which would make almost anyone satisfied with their job.

Remote employees are often more loyal employees. Freelancers and contractors especially tend to be loyal, because they depend on keeping clients to maintain a steady income. Remote employees don’t have to worry about tensions with coworkers or power-hungry managers. It’s easier to keep an employee on board when they have such autonomy, that any work issue can likely be resolved by simply changing their own process.

Less absenteeism occurs with remote workers. Those that are paid by the project will rarely say “no” to assignments, and can work on vacation if necessary. Because remote workers set their own schedules, they are less likely to ask for time off for personal reasons.

Hiring remote employees lowers your operating costs. You don’t have to pay for office space, a computer or phone line, supplies, or coffee refills for your remote workers. Because all of these costs are absorbed by the freelancer, you can invest more into the company itself. Most remote workers don’t mind (and often prefer) using their own equipment. With remote workers you can potentially run your organization without a physical office space, which greatly reduces costs.

Remote workers often produce faster, higher quality results per project. You’re not paying these employees just for showing up, so they are naturally more motivated to finish tasks on a timeline and exceed expectations. If you pay your remote workers by the project, you’re even more likely to see better work ethic and receive work early.

If you have positions open now, consider hiring remotely to maximize efficiency for your company. You may find it is the best option you could choose for hiring and recruiting new talent.

Time to get with the times and help your people have better lives.

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