Reputation and Legacy with Royal Reputation's Eric Grundhoefer

July 7, 2021 | Episode 1

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Reputation and Legacy with Royal Reputation's Eric Grundhoefer

July 7, 2021 | Episode 1

For this special introductory episode Becoming Legends brought on a special guest host to help introduce us to the official host of the podcast, Eric Grundhoefer. Josh Elledge serves the important role of really digging into Eric’s philosophy for the show, Royal Reputation, and his path to brand and reputation management. 

We’ll talk about what Royal Reputation does, how Eric Grundhoefer came up with the name for this podcast, Becoming Legends, and more of the details behind brand management and the importance of leaving a positive legacy as an entrepreneur. 

If you’re curious about Becoming Legends and want to know a little more about the podcast, what kind of guests will be appearing, and what you can learn as a listener, this is the place to get started. 

Learn why Becoming Legends is looking for entrepreneurs with a 6-7 figure income, guests that can offer real value, and that listeners can look up to. 

Of course, we’re also here to learn a bit more about how you can be a guest on the show if you think you’re a good candidate. You can always apply to be a guest by going to or by contacting Eric Grundhoefer on LinkedIn. 

But why should you tune in to Eric Grundhoefer’s advice? You’ll get to hear about the origins of Royal Reputation and how he built this incredibly successful online reputation management first literally from the ground up. Learn more about the unique perspective Eric brings to every episode, and why online reputation and entrepreneurial success really matters. 



Josh: Welcome to episode number one of Becoming Legends. I am the temporary one-time host just simply because it’s my job to introduce the official host of the show Becoming Begends, Eric Grundhoefer. Eric, you’re the founder and CEO of Royal Reputation, and you are the official host of the show. 

Eric: Yes.

Josh: Well, thanks for creating a great podcast about recognizing people. And tell me about the concept behind this.

Eric: So, it’s really just, it’s simple like doing what I do, branding reputation management marketing, one of the biggest takeaways is every time I see someone out there an entrepreneur, and let’s name the big ones, Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Josh Elledge. You know, we’re seeing these people, we like to reverse engineer what they’re doing. You take little things — you never steal or plagiarize, that’s not what I mean. But you take little things that you like from those people and then you kind of put it in your bag of tricks as well. So, you slowly start to chip away and then add it to you and then you meld into this own thing and that forms your brand. 

So, the idea behind that is to meet as many people as I possibly can and learn about what they’re doing. And it’s not only going to make me better. But the audience that’s listening, I want to help them and share with them as much as I’ve learned from the bigger people, like the four or five bigger people that are out there, I want people to take away from you know everyone else. And I’m not calling them littler people. I just mean maybe the people that don’t have as ginormous of an audience out there as Grant Cardone or Gary Vaynerchuk with the people that have a moderate audience. So, I want to see how they did it, what they’re doing, the successes that they can teach everyone else.

Josh: Yeah. How’d you come up with the name for the show? 

Eric: Becoming Legends, I was kind of piggybacking off of our lion back here, this Royal Reputation lion. And for whatever reason, it literally just came to me. So, I’m always talking to my kids about leaving behind a legacy. I’m building businesses right now that I’m hoping one day that I can just go, look what I made for you. First off, I hope you like it. If you want to do this and be happy, please take it, that’s why I built it. So, I’m always trying to leave that legacy and preaching legacy with them. And there’s just this stigma of oh, it’s going to be legend. So, it’s just kind of one of those things that really just hit me and I was like, becoming legends, that sounds like such a cool kind of name. I wanted people to want to be on it, I wanted people to think that it was cool, and I wanted it to also convey the message of like, what we’re trying to do here as entrepreneurs.

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So, for the listener, who might they expect if they hit subscribe right now, or maybe they’re going back and they’re listening back to episode one so they can kind of get to know who you are, but what kind of guest, you know, who are your guests? What are they doing in business? What space are they in? What kind of success do they have? Who’s kind of like that dream-ideal client or not client, but guest that you expect to have on the show? 

Eric: Yeah, generally. So, what we look for is if we’re like talking financial success, we generally look for like a six to seven figure — a person that’s doing six to seven figures a year, someone that’s really kind of comfortable, that’s a little more, I would say experienced in what they’re doing, that has that value to offer that, hey, look what I did. Now, this is what you can do as well and learn from me. And that’s really the simplest that we can sum it up. I want people to almost look up, like anyone listening, I want them to be able to look up to the person that’s the guest. And those are the people that we’re looking for, that can offer value to any type of person out there. So, for that, they have to kind of be a little higher in income and a little more experienced, and have been doing this for quite some time.

Josh: Yeah, yeah. And so for someone who’s listening to us and they’re like, hey, wait a minute. That sounds like it might be me; any further information on if someone wants to be a guest, like what they would do, or that sort of thing?

Eric: Yeah, you can go to my website, And then there’s information on there where you can apply to be on the podcast. Or you can find me on LinkedIn. There’s information on there as well. We’re always doing posts looking for guests and things like that. So, you can absolutely apply. If the shoe fits and you guys want to be on it, I would absolutely love to interview you and have 30 minutes with you is how we do them. I like to keep them small, informative. Josh, you know everyone’s attention spans are so far gone nowadays with TikTok and 15 second videos and reels and all this stuff. So, you have to keep them kind of short and micro size. 

I’d love to be Joe Rogan out there doing six hour podcasts, but no one’s going to listen to them. So, 30 minutes is what we got. And I would love to share 30 minutes with you and learn from you, hear your story. One of my favorite things to do is kind of, I always say to everyone that I’m talking to everyone wants to know how Bruce Wayne became Batman, right? So, that’s really the entire goal of like, what’s your come up. I need you to show me and everyone else wants to hear it too. And not to mention story is everything, so let us know that. You know, how did you go from becoming Bruce Wayne to Batman? You know, tell me all about it. And yeah, that’s where we’re at.

Josh: Yeah. Tell me about Royal Reputation. What does your company do?

Eric: So, Royal Reputation is an online reputation management firm. We’ve been around for seven years. We might be going on eight, actually this might be eight coming up, and I started this thing from a basement in New York. I was working for a company and I was miserable. And then I went out and I was like, okay, I’m not doing this anymore. The next day I left as I normally would and I was working for a marketing company. Walked out, sold a $400 website, didn’t know how I was going to get it built, didn’t know anything about building websites. And then turned around, found someone to build it for 200, invested 200 back in the company, had one client under my belt and the company grew from there. So, we started out as old classic marketing firm in Buffalo and grew to an online reputation management firm here in Tampa where we partnered with PR firms, attorneys and things like that that are kind of giving us business based off of what the client needs. 

So, online reputation, to answer your question, it falls under a couple different categories. So, the main one that we do is within the search results. So, search engine optimization is pretty much the promotion of one of your assets in the search results, right, mostly people’s websites and the pages on the website. That’s the promotion part. So, that’s a form of online reputation management. The other end is suppression. Now, this is mainly what people are finding us and hiring us for. And just for anyone that’s listening so they know what type of people and guy that I am, I’ve turned down way more campaigns and cases than I’d actually like to, than I’ve actually ever received in my entire life because I won’t work on things that I don’t have a moral belief in. So, I won’t help some people suppress the things that they’re trying to hide. So, I just thought I’d throw that out there because sometimes companies like mine get a bad reputation for that. 

So, I’ll give you an example. Like a dentist in New Jersey called me and he’s like I’m getting in trouble. I said for what. So, he sent me all the information on his case. He had reports against him and people were leaving reviews on negative sites about the dentist because he was pulling the wrong teeth for children. The guy was old, he was going a little crazy. He was pulling the wrong teeth for children and they would walk out and they would just have all these teeth missing and they were pulled, so he’s literally torturing children. And he was like I will give you $50,000 right now to make this go away. And I was like absolutely not. Leave me alone. I was like I have kids. If you did this to me we’d have a problem. So, I turn down stuff that I don’t agree with. 

Anytime it has something to do with kids or sexual assault or sexual harassment, anything like that, I really don’t want anything to do with it because I sleep good at night. I’m helping the guy that maybe he’s an attorney and he got a DWI or DUI and it was his first time offense. And I’m really looking into the case and asking these questions. And a news article came out about that guy and when you search his name now, instead of his practice coming up, the news article comes up. And I want to help that guy get a shot at redemption, if he seems like he’s willing to change and it was a mistake. And I want to help that guy suppress that article or remove that article, get rid of that article. Because, in my opinion, everyone deserves a second chance, and that was just maybe a mistake the guy made that he now regrets. 

On the other end, it’s like stuff like bad media. There’s a couple websites out there,, [inaudible 00:09:36] or BadBizReport, these are just sites that people go — they’re forums where people go and they start ranking for your name. And people will type bad information on there. We also help suppress those URLs. So, the way we help suppress those URLs is here’s some tricks, guys. We actually create marketing content, and it’s the over production, high quality and high quantity of marketing materials that we’re putting out on all social media. 

So, find 10 ad sets, there’s 10 search results on a landing page, right? And so if you Google something you’re going to find 10 search results. And then on each one of those URLs, we need to find 10 ad sets that can take up space, right? So, if we have 10 ad sets that we’re constantly publishing content on, those are going to outrank the ones that are already currently ranking there. And that’s it. That’s my strategy. So, over the course of like a long enough timeline, and I’m sorry I’m rambling about this, I love this stuff, this is all I do. I’m so sorry. I could talk about this for hours. But that’s it. So, we’re creating really cool content for people that after the thing’s buried, then that content is now a marketing content and then it flips them in and gets them an ROI, and then they start getting actual leads. So, that’s the entire purpose of what I do.

Josh: Yeah. So, I mean even if someone does not have any negatives, they can still adapt this strategy. And if you understand consumer behavior today this is how consumers buy, right? They’re looking for validation that you’re a known commodity, you’re out there. People are talking about you and there’s some buzz, there’s some validation from other websites that you’re a known commodity.

Eric: Exactly, exactly. And that’s it. So, that’s why when someone asks me what I am, honestly, I always say online reputation management. But there’s so many things to it. That’s not even diving into the reviews that we help people remove or the reviews that we help people get or the social media content that we create. There’s so many legs of online reputation management. So, it’s just I’m a marketing and media company in just a different kind of way. We can do things that other traditional, maybe marketing companies don’t usually do when it comes to suppression or promotion. And that’s it.

Josh: Yeah, fantastic. All right. Eric Grundhoefer, again congratulations on the launch of the new podcast. 

Eric: Thank you.

Josh: And on your website, by the way, so for someone that’s been listening to us and then they liked the last half, the stuff that we were just talking about, they’re like wait a minute. No, no, no. Tell me more about that. For someone who is listening to this and they are interested in improving their reputation, where should they go, what should they do?

Eric: is the website. If someone’s just looking to do something themselves, the first thing I would do is, you know, are you asking for tactics, like actual tactics on what to do for —

Josh: No, I think someone is listening to us and they’re like, listen, I want to work with this guy.

Eric: Oh, yeah. Sorry. 

Josh: I don’t want a DIY. I just want to hire this guy. [crosstalk] 

Eric: I don’t know if you were like, hey, give them some more nuggets in there. So, I’m sorry.

Josh: No, no, no.

Eric: That’s right where my brain went. No., there’s information on there. I like to think that I created enough content on my website that if you did want to do something like I just thought Josh asked me that you could absolutely go on my website and then just take everything off of it and do something yourself. I have a guide on there for online reputation management. If you don’t want to do it yourself and you’re like I have no idea, this seems so overwhelming, please set up a call with me. I do consultations, free audits, and like I said, I really really enjoy this stuff. So, I’ve done so many calls where it’s just hey, this is exactly what I would do, and this is where I would go. And I’ve tried to just help as many people as I can, and that’s really what I want to do when it comes down to it.

Josh: Awesome. All right. Here we go. Inaugural episode, Becoming Legends, right? 

Eric: Becoming Legends. 

Josh: Yes, awesome. And Eric Grundhoefer, again founder and CEO of Thank you for the inaugural episode and I can’t wait to hear who’s on episode number two.

Eric: Awesome. Thanks so much, Josh. I really appreciate you.


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