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Wealth Assistance with Emeritus Wealth Group's Mike Soroko

November 17, 2021 | Episode 23

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Wealth Assistance with Emeritus Wealth Group's Mike Soroko

November 17, 2021 | Episode 23

For today’s episode of Becoming Legends your host Eric Grundhoefer is chatting with Emeritus Wealth Group’s co-founder, Mike Soroko. Mike is passionate about wealth management and finances, and Emeritus Wealth Group does a little of everything finance. 

Why does Mike work in finances and specialize in helping people deal with all the problems they encounter? Because he recognizes the incredible need for financial education and financial services to help people manage their money and meet their goals.

Starting with insurance, Emeritus Wealth Group transitioned to working with finances and financial products pretty quickly. Of course, the financial scene is always changing, and Mike and Eric will talk about how the pandemic changes business and how things like cryptocurrency have changed the game. 

Mike says that the emotional side of investing is still the main reason clients come to Emeritus Wealth Group. His focus on helping people manage their wealth and grow their resources is incredibly important. 

Working as a sounding board or financial coach is a bit part of what Emeritus Wealth Group does, and working to figure out the best options to build generational wealth is the focus. 

What makes Emeritus Wealth Group different and more effective than other financial management firms? A personal touch. Mike will talk about how getting to know their clients and know their lives and life goals helps them succeed and thrive. 

Getting to know people makes it easier not only to get clients and make money, it also helps them find value and identify better financial products for their clients. 

If you want to think about finances and how to generate wealth and grow wealth, this episode is a must-listen. 

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