Book your podcast, share it, build an audience.


Book your podcasts with Royal Reputation

We book you on top podcasts that play into your ideal audience. This is your demographic, your influence. Podcasts are a great way to connect with real humans, and that is good for business.


Royal Reputation automatically finds the best parts of each video

Royal Reputation collects a video from your podcast, reviews your content to find the best parts of each video. Our system automatically converts the best parts of your content into bite-sized shareable content – videos, graphics, audiograms, articles, and more.


Royal Reputation posts the videos directly for you

We optimize and post each piece of micro-content to the social channels that matter to your brand. Engage with your fans, grow your audience, get leads.


Become a legend

Royal Reputation is designed for people looking to build their brand and connect deeply with people through podcasting. Our methods will make you a star, building you an audience that converts into customers by creating shareable videos to get inbound leads.

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